Privacy Policy

During your time on our website and all communications between us we will respect your privacy and treat all information with confidentiality. That is why we have created this privacy policy to outline how we collect information, store and use it. This privacy policy has been created to provide a clear summary of how and when personal information is collected, stored and distributed. Use and Disclosure of Personal information

- To use certain features of the site we will need to collect personal data through forms. Only data that you have volunteered to us will be recorded in an identifiable way.

- Your data will not be shared with any other people without your prior permission

User Access
- If at any point you would like us to remove any or all details of you from our database then we will do so unless otherwise required not to for legal reasons or for future resolution of disputes.

- When accessing our site, your browser will report details to us that we may log for statistical reasons. These details are used by us for the purpose of analyzing how our site is used.

- We will never use this information to try and identify you unless legally obliged by relevant authorities.

User Access
- If at any point you sign up for a user account with us then it is solely your responsibility to keep your credentials safe.

- We will not be held responsible for a third party accessing or changing your information due to failure on your behalf to keep these details secure.

Further Information
- If you have any queries regarding out privacy policy then feel free to contact us at